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Press Release

Congressman Pete King Reflects on Republican National Convention

Some closing reflections on the 2016 GOP Convention: Despite media reports the party is overwhelmingly united behind Donald Trump. Mike Pence is an outstanding addition to the ticket. The Trump campaign will make real inroads among Democrats and independents. The Cleveland Police did a magnificent job protecting everyone and letting us get around the city without interference from demonstrators. Ted Cruz demonstrated to the nation that he is a self-centered fraud. The delegations from Nassau and Suffolk -- led by Joe Mondello and John LaValle -- were large and enthusiastic. New York is definitely in play in 2016 and Long Island will be at the center of the Trump-Pence effort in New York. Let's get started now!


Yesterday I had the great opportunity to be in the House chamber when French President Emmanuel Macron made his historic address to a Joint Session of Congress. I was also able to speak briefly with President Macron on the House floor just after his speech and thank him for standing with America in the war against terrorism and for forging such a close working relationship with President Trump.

France is our oldest ally, standing with us in our Revolutionary War against the British. While we stood with the French in World War I and World War II, our relationship with France has not always been a smooth one. (Charles DeGaulle and Jacques Chirac were two of the French leaders with whom we had differences.)

Elected last year in an upset victory, the 40 year old Macron was generally expected to be the European anti-Trump. Instead he and President Trump have formed a strong personal friendship and solid working relationship. They stand as one in their belief that Islamist terrorism must be crushed and that Iran can never be allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

On the subject of Iran, while President Trump believes we should pull out of the Iran nuclear deal reached with the Obama Administration, Macron believes we can achieve the same goal of a non-nuclear Iran through other means. President Trump has said he will consider Macron's proposals. Whether they end up agreeing on the specifics, the fact that these two world leaders can work together is a tribute to them and a strong measure of their joint commitment to the democratic values which underly our two nations. It also sends a strong signal to our enemies -- including ISIS, Islamist terrorism and Assad's Syria.

Viva la France! God Bless America!!

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