Press Release

Press Release

Congressman Pete King Supports Law Enforcement

With all the charges and countercharges in this year's Presidential campaign, one positive result could be that we have a long overdue discussion on police relations. I start with two premises: the police do more to save and protect African-American lives than any other institution; the African-American community has been terribly deprived of education and job opportunities. Donald Trump is right about Hillary Clinton -- her record and policies ARE anti-police. It was indefensible for her to embrace the memory of Michael Brown, a criminal who attacked Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson who was then vilified and slandered by Black Lives Matter for defending himself by taking lethal action against Brown. It is also irresponsible for Hillary Clinton, at a time when police are being assassinated, to perpetuate the false narrative that there is any moral equivalence between the police and the likes of Black Lives Matter. At the same time though, America has the obligation to address the underlying injustices suffered by African-Americans. Education - particularly in the inner city - must be dramatically reformed and improved. African-Americans must be given more opportunity to have their children attend schools of their choice whether they be public, charter or private schools. Also incentives must be given to businesses to locate in economically distressed neighborhoods and provide necessary job training. There are no easy solutions but an honest discussion must begin. And the time has come to stop blaming the police for the ills of society when they are the ones whose lives are on the line as they maintain the order that is necessary for real progress is to be achieved.


MS-13 must be defeated. Yesterday afternoon I met with the parents of Kyla Cuevas and Nisa Mickens of Brentwood who were brutally murdered by MS-13 gang members. Also attending the meeting was community advocate Barbara Medina. It is one thing to read about or watch the news accounts of these murders on television; it is quite another to personally see the pain and anguish of these suffering parents in a face-to-face meeting. I truly admire their courage and determination. They do not want others to suffer what they have suffered. They raised a number of issues and made several proposals which I am going to bring to the attention of the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security. One issue they stressed was the disproportionate number of unaccompanied illegal minors who have been placed in the Brentwood community and its schools. (Seven of the MS-13 gang members charged in their daughters' murder case had come into the country illegally as unaccompanied minors.)

I am also in regular contact with Suffolk Police Commissioner Sini and County Executive Bellone and I commend the Suffolk Police and FBI for their dedicated efforts to track down these murderers. Justice will be done.

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