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Press Release

Congressman Pete King Statement on Colin Kaepernick’s Refusal to Stand for the National Anthem

Colin Kaepernick's refusal to stand for the national anthem is entirely wrong. It is also an indicator of how low our cultural standards have been degraded that anyone is actually supporting this behavior. Kaepernick charges that America "oppresses black people and people of color" even though America has elected and reelected an African-American President and in the previous eight years of the Bush Administration both Secretaries of State (Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice) were African-American. And in Kaepernick's NFL the large majority of players are African-American. If he is referring to violence against African-Americans, that comes primarily from within the black community itself. If he is reciting the fraudulent Black Lives Matter theme that police are targeting African-Americans, then he is clearly wrong and misguided. Not only are more whites than African-Americans arrested and shot at by police (almost always justified), they are as likely to be shot at in individual encounters with police as are African-Americans (again almost always justified). Unfortunately it appears that the big lie of Michael Brown ("hands up, don't shoot") has become an article of faith among cop-haters. Of course America has problems. Every country in the world has problems. But no country has done more to address those problems than the United States. That is why so many millions of immigrants from all over the world -- so many of them people of color -- are desperate to come to America every year. If we are to address our problems -- such as street crime, education and job opportunity -- honestly, then we must debate them honestly. Having an NFL quarterback insult our flag by refusing to stand during the playing of the "Star Spangled Banner," adds neither honesty nor intelligence to that debate.


With all of the partisan political struggles that get media attention every day, it is important to remember that America and the world face constant critical and possibly existential threats.

Even more than Islamist terrorism, there is the severe threat of cyber attacks from Russia, Iran, China and international criminal enterprises. At the annual "Worldwide Threats" hearing, the leaders of America's Intelligence Community emphasized the necessity of protecting our critical defense, intelligence and industrial critical infrastructure from governmental and non-state hackers. As we saw in the 2016 elections there are the propaganda and surreptitious attacks on our democratic process.

Of course threats from a nuclear armed North Korea, a potential nuclear armed Iran, an expansion China and a resurgent Russia remain as do the ever deadly Islamist terrorist threats from ISIS, Al Qaeda and their offshoots and splinter groups.

We must face the reality that we live in an extremely dangerous world which is why it is vital that the Trump Administration continue to rebuild our military and we make sure that our intelligence agencies receive all the funding and all the moral support they need and deserve to protect Americans at home and American interests around the world. God Bless America!!

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