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Press Release

Congressman Pete King Joins Rolling Thunder in Supporting Our Veterans

At a time when the likes of Colin Kaepernick insult our flag and all that it represents, it is more important than ever that good Americans stand by our veterans. These are the men and women who put their lives on the line defending America. One group which strongly supports America's veterans is Rolling Thunder, an organization comprised almost entirely of veterans and relatives of veterans. This Friday night, I had the opportunity to speak at a meeting of Rolling Thunder, NY Chapter 6 held at the Marine Corps League building in Massapequa. I had met a number of Rolling Members before and it was really a privilege to spend an evening with them. The key issues we discussed were VA healthcare, housing and job opportunities for veterans and making sure that education benefits and the GI Bill of Rights kept pace with the 21st Century. I also, of course, thanked Rolling Thunder for all that it does to keep patriotism alive. God Bless America!


With all of the partisan political struggles that get media attention every day, it is important to remember that America and the world face constant critical and possibly existential threats.

Even more than Islamist terrorism, there is the severe threat of cyber attacks from Russia, Iran, China and international criminal enterprises. At the annual "Worldwide Threats" hearing, the leaders of America's Intelligence Community emphasized the necessity of protecting our critical defense, intelligence and industrial critical infrastructure from governmental and non-state hackers. As we saw in the 2016 elections there are the propaganda and surreptitious attacks on our democratic process.

Of course threats from a nuclear armed North Korea, a potential nuclear armed Iran, an expansion China and a resurgent Russia remain as do the ever deadly Islamist terrorist threats from ISIS, Al Qaeda and their offshoots and splinter groups.

We must face the reality that we live in an extremely dangerous world which is why it is vital that the Trump Administration continue to rebuild our military and we make sure that our intelligence agencies receive all the funding and all the moral support they need and deserve to protect Americans at home and American interests around the world. God Bless America!!

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