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Press Release

Congressman Pete King Visits UPS Facility in Farmingdale

United Parcel Service is the world's largest package delivery company and a major employer on Long Island, including 1,000 employees who reside in the 2nd Congressional District. Recently I had the opportunity to once again visit the UPS facility in Farmingdale where I walked through the loading docks and spoke with many of the employees. Having loaded and unloaded trucks and freight cars many years ago at the Railway Express terminal on the West Side of Manhattan, it was interesting to see just how much the process has been improved and expedited. I also appreciated being able to congratulate the employees who were honored for their years of outstanding service. It was reassuring to see how effectively UPS has adjusted to the expanded and competitive e-commerce economy and continues to provide needed jobs to America's workers.


Still in Washington, DC for the 2nd day of the government shutdown. Unfortunately there is no real sign of movement. Frustrating part is that because the House has passed legislation to keep the government open, the main thing House members can do now is wait for action from the Senate.

There was no need for Senate Democrats to cause this shutdown. Let me make it clear that I have consistently opposed shutdowns, including the 2013 Republican led showdown which I spoke and voted against. It is the obligation of Congress to keep our government functioning -- not to use budget deadlines as a means of holding the government hostage for a particular issue or cause.

In this case the Democrats are basing their shutdown on DACA legislation which they want included. I support DACA but it is not a reason to refuse to allow a vote on the House passed legislation which provides funding for Children's Health Insurance, the military and health insurance tax relief for union workers. Besides the DACA deadline is not until March 5.

I also think it was bad form for Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to take her House Democrats to dinner last night at one of Washington's most luxurious, high end restaurants on the same day that thousands of workers were being thrown off the payroll because of the Democratic shutdown. What a terrible signal to send! Government shutdowns are wrong and unjustified. Let's reopen the government as soon as possible!!

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