Press Release


Press Release

Congressman Pete King Attends Brentwood Puerto Rican Hispanic Day Parade

Brentwood, NY - Congressman Pete King (R-Seaford) wasonce again in Brentwood for the annual Puerto Rican Hispanic Day Parade where he met with many of the groups as they were gathering for the start of the parade. As always the parade participants were friendly, festive and enthusiastic.


In another wave of police shootings, six police officers were shot last night in Pennsylvania and Florida. Both officers in the Florida shooting have died from their wounds. These latest shootings add to the upsurge in violence against the men and women in blue which has seen a 60% increase in gun murders of police officers in just the past 18 months.

These officers are the people who put their lives on the line for us every day. All too often they are maliciously attacked by liberal rags such as the New York Times and too many politically correct politicians. But these cops continue to do their job no matter what. They deserve the full support, gratitude and thanks of all good people. Blue Lives Do Matter!

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